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杏仁奶訂購 Almond Milk Order

杏仁奶訂購 Almond Milk Order

堅果經過浸泡、得以發芽,解放了潛藏的營養。椰棗的甜,天然柔和而帶焦香。Rose Water 和杏仁均有助舒壓和安眠。玫瑰擁有的feminine energy安撫心神尤其有效。


曾經一位客人來問,可否買一支給她剛分娩的妻子,說她當時最想喝到的就是Moon Mylk。

尺寸及價錢 Size and Price:  
- 自攜瓶子 BYOB:  $68/ 500ml (min.) ; $13 / 100ml after first 500ml
- 使用本店提供的玻璃瓶 Store-provide Glass Bottle:  $118/ 500ml-bottle 

1. 請複製並填妥以下資料,然後Inbox message到 Good Good Grocery Instagram
Please inbox us at Good Good Grocery Instagram with following details filled in.

  • 款式 Your choice:杏仁奶 Almond Milk 
  • 口味 Flavour :原味 Plain / Rose 玫瑰
  • 自備瓶子 BYOB:Yes / No 
  • 份量 Amount:ml
  • 聯絡人 Contact Person:
  • 聯絡電話 Contact no.:
  • 取貨日期 Pick-up Date:(Within Wed - Sun)
  • 取貨時間 Pick-up Time:(Within 12 - 6pm)

2. 收到訊息後我們會盡快與你聯絡確認
We would contact you for order confirmation asap. 

注意 Remarks
• 杏仁奶為鮮製飲品,我們建議在3天內飲用完畢,以享用最新鮮甜美的天然味道。
We recommend consuming the almond milk within 3 days.
• 在5天前預訂 Please place your order 5 days ahead .
• 只提供自取服務 Only self pick-up service is available.
• 建議自備冰袋,並請確保杏仁奶在一小時內冷藏 Please refrigerate the almond milk within 1 hour after pick-up. Bringing along your ice-packs for cooling is highly recommended, especially in summer. 

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