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Pantry Staples

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柚子素麵 Yuzu Somen


耳朵粉 #92 Strascinati


有機碎蕃茄 Tomato Pulp Organic


蕃茄乾 Sundried Tomatoes


新潟海之森 Niigata Brown Rice 300g


雙倍濃縮茄膏 Double Concentrated Tomato Paste


秋田發芽玄米 Sprouted Rice


新潟海之森 玄米 Niigata Brown Rice 2kg


葡萄籽油 Grapeseed Oil


飲管粉 #8 Ziti


Soumen 素麵 250g


鸚鵡牌純正黃庶砂糖 Brown Pure Cane Sugar


不鏽鋼夾子 Stainless Punched Tongs


有機庶糖 Organic Cane Sugar


HALEN MON Sea Salt 100g


100% 純天然牛油果油 Avocado Oil


食物夾 Table Tongs (日本新潟縣製)


鋁製隔水器 Aluminium Colander


米糠油 Rice Bran Oil


石清水米 Iwashimizu Brown Rice


100% 純天然烤核桃油 Walnut Oil


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