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米,穀類,麵 Rice, Grain & Noodle

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柚子素麵 Yuzu Somen


耳朵粉 #92 Strascinati


蕃茄乾 Sundried Tomatoes


新潟海之森 Niigata Brown Rice 300g


雙倍濃縮茄膏 Double Concentrated Tomato Paste


秋田發芽玄米 Sprouted Rice


新潟海之森 玄米 Niigata Brown Rice 2kg


飲管粉 #8 Ziti


Soumen 素麵 250g


三色藜麥 Quinoa Mix


奇亞籽 Chia Seeds


亞麻籽 Brown Flax Seeds


石清水米 Iwashimizu Brown Rice


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