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日本製 密封玻璃瓶 Glass Jar 1L


日本製 密封玻璃瓶 Glass Jar 2L


日本製 密封玻璃瓶 Glass Jar 4L


珐瑯小淺盤 (紅色) Small Tray (Red)


珐瑯餐盤 (紅色) Serving Tray (Red)


珐瑯醬料小碗 (紅色) Pinch Pot (Red)


日本鋁製小夾(Sun) Aluminium Clip


日本鋁製小夾(角) Aluminium Clip


鋁蓋 Aluminium Lid


木蓋 Wooden Lid


KIYA Grinding Board 磨泥板


蠟引紙袋(小) Wax Paper Bag Square Bottom (s)


不鏽鋼夾子 Stainless Punched Tongs


蠟引紙袋(大) Wax Paper Bag Square Bottom (L)


珐瑯烤盤(灰黑色) Pie Dishes (Coal Black)


珐瑯冷水壺 (紅色) 3-Pint Jug (Red)


珐瑯沙律碗 (紅色) Medium Salad Bowl (Red)


珐瑯漏勺 Slotted Spoon


珐瑯長柄杓 Ladle


圍裙 - 深藍 亞麻布 Apron - Navy Linen


不鏽鋼湯勺 (大) Stainless Ladle (L)


鋁製隔水器 Aluminium Colander


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